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300 sqm Office in Berlin Mitte, 2022
Interior Design Concept
Construction Design
Procurement & Furnishing
Decoration & Styling
by Nora Albert
Technical Design Support: Gabriela Postole
Interior Design Assistance: Elena Stäuber

Photography by Jochen Arndt


This 300 sqm office space had it all: a historic location, 4m ceilings, wood flooring, a stunning view… yet it lacked proper space planning, a coherent concept and just overall soul & character.

Nora created a warm concept with lots of plants, soothing colors, and cozy corners. A big impact is created by the logo and seating arrangement at the entrance, as well as the new lounge area adjoining the main meeting room for friday beers and celebrations.

A big thank you to the brave client Carsten Maschmeyer and the team of seed & speed GmbH.

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