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Apartment in Berlin Mitte, 2022
Interior Design Concept
Construction Design
Procurement & Furnishing
Decoration & Styling
by Nora Albert
Technical Design Support: Gabriela Postole
Photoshoot Assistance: Louise Man
Art: loaned by artflash

Photography by Jochen Arndt


When Diana zur Löwen invested in this 65 sqm-apartment, she dreamed a cosy home in the center of Berlin. However, the original condition of the place was pretty run down.

Nora developed the vision of a feminine, elegant space serving the double function of a retreat while also providing intriguing backdrops to her work in front of the camera.
This premise led to a unique light concept with a mix options to create cold or warm light, dimmable whenever possible, to be modified depending on the occasion.
The layout was streamlined to create more storage options, a combined living and dining area, and a separated bedroom. One smart builtin wardrobe is now separating hallway and bedroom, being accessible from both sides while also incorporating a washing machine.

The greywashed herringbone parquet, marble fireplace, paneled builtins, raw brass accents and a vintage chandelier are a nod to the Gründerzeit-era of the building. Contemporary elements like modern art works, a state-of-the-art kitchen, a fully mirrored wardrobe and cobalt accents are taking the concept into the 21st century.

A girl's dream turned into a young woman's reality!

You can read more about the art concept here.


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